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Welcome to | Enjoy of course, indoors and outdoors!
Welcome to | Enjoy of course, indoors and outdoors!
Hoe gebeurt de levering?

How does delivery take place?

Step 1: Delivery appointment

Initially, the carrier will make a delivery appointment with you. This is done via email. However, if there is no response to this email, the carrier will also call you.
A delivery day is agreed, and a period between which delivery is likely to take place (e.g. between 12 noon and 5 pm).

Step 2: Delivery

Delivery takes place on the ground floor. The customer is expected to help with the driver to put the product in the right place. After all, most products are too heavy or too cumbersome to carry alone.

Even if installation has been ordered, we expect the customer to place the product in the right place together with the driver.


Why don't you provide 2 drivers to unload the products yourself?

If we were to provide 2 people, the delivery costs would also have to double.


I am physically unable to help. What can I do?

We also deliver to older people or people with a physical disability. Of course we will certainly do our utmost to help these people as well.

Inform the carrier about this. The products can often also be cut open. With this, the loose pieces can be brought to the right place one by one.


I received a delivery proposal, but I am not at home at the time.

Maybe we can deliver to the neighbors? Maybe you have a carport, or can we place the product at an agreed location? Be sure to coordinate this with the carrier carefully!

If delivery is not possible, the carrier will re-include this order in the planning. A new delivery appointment will then follow.


Delivery to a floor?

We do not deliver to a single floor. The driver will only place the product on the ground floor with you. However, if assembly has also been ordered, we expected enough people to bring the product/products up quickly. This means the driver/technician can quickly start the installation job.


Satisfied with the driver?

If you were satisfied with the service and customer friendliness of the driver, then it is certainly allowed to give these people a small tip. It is not mandatory at all, and drivers will never expect it to be.

If you were not satisfied, we certainly appreciate your feedback! Send us an e-mail. We have been informed of this and we will also transfer this to the manager of the transport company.
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